Starategy meeting Yes We will meet one on one in order to understand the best suitable strategy for your business and how the video we will produce for you will become an asset for your business .
Script writing Yes Our copywriting team will take the lead and will put few scripts together that targeted to your potential customers
video shoot – Green scree 1 Video Our video production team will guide you on how to stand and talk in front of the camera, what to do and what to avoid. Reading of the teleprompter, using different camera angles and more.
video editing Yes We will take the raw material to our editing studio and make a marketing video that will push you business to the next level.
branded video opener and closer Yes Your video will come as a branded packe with a proffesional opening and closing to it.
Socila media banners 2 Our graphic team will desin proffesional banners to be used on social media channels along with your vdeo
social media campaign management Not included We will launch a paid social media campaign with proffesionaly design ads, our copywriting team will create the content